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Exterior wash only:

1. Compact $21

2. Mid-size $25

3. Full-size $28

4. Crossover $28

5. SUV $30

6. Large SUV $32


Interior Pricing:

Additional charge of $12 for all interior services

*call for details on interior services





My GreenCar Care will clean your car while you go about your day without waiting or going out of your way.  We offer an on the spot car wash that's environmentally friendly. Your car will be streak free and your paint will be protected from dirt and water after every wash.


Our service is not only convenient, it leaves your car shinier, cleaner, and more protected than any other traditional car wash.

*call for details on residential services.


Exterior services include:

1. Waterless car wash

2. Tire washing and dressing (optional)

3. Lens polishing - Lights

4. Window cleaning


Interior services include:

1. Vacum

2. Window cleaning

3. Dash and Console cleaning

4. Free air freshener - 5 scents to choose from

*call for details on interior services