how it works



 My GreenCar Care will wash your car on a scheduled day in advance. You can also schedule to continue getting the service every week. The time and routes vary depending on your location, contact us for details.


 We will confirm that your car is washed by sending a text message to your cell and email along with four photos showing that the car was cleaned.


 We will clean your car with the the strongest emphasis on the environment, and in accordance with all local green codes.


 We will give you a My GreenCar Care Air Freshener every wash.


 We are fully insured.


 My GreenCar Care also offers emergency car washing for any special occasions, any time and any day of the week at clients location within 10 miles of base.


 Gift Certificates are available upon request.



bring us to the office



My GreenCar Care offers a free demonstrations for 5 or more interested customers who are in the same office complex or location. Give us a call today and we can schedule a time to do a free demonstration for your office!

(773) 463-7777

why my green car care?



Not only does our waterless car washing system save water and time, it's an overall better finish to your car versus traditional car washes. Our formulas wax finish leaves your car shining while protecting the paint from dirt and water. Since not any water is used, your car is streak and droplet free. Save time, save water, save the Earth!


My GreenCar Care will provide car washing service while your at the work place. Our system doesn't require a water supply, making us portable even in parking complexes. Best of all we don't leave gallons of water around your car. It will be polished, waiting for you when you get out of work. Cleanand protect your car without any hassles.


We will even come to your house to clean your car.

For details on personal service please Contact us