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" Thank you for this product, it saves me tons of water! "

Drake H.

Chicago, IL



" I love knowing that I am saving water and environment every time you wash my car! "

Kelly P.

Chicago, IL



" Every time you wash my car is sparkles, and I'm saving water! "

John L.

Chicago, IL

my green car care



Welcome to MyGreenCarCare.com. We are determined to do our part for the environment by saving water. Our company goal is to save at least 10,000,000 gallons of water a year.


My Green Car comes to you, eliminating long waits at the car wash. Your not only helping the environment by not using water to get your car washed, your also protecting your cars paint. Our solutions and unique tools leave your car streak-free and are an overall better way to clean and protect your car's shine.


Keep your car looking its best longer. Whether it be dirt from the bucket thats used to clean everyone elses car or the rubber from the automatic car wash slapping against your car, traditional car washing services scratch your cars paint. Choose to use My Green Car, help the environment and your cars appearance.